Lynn Pilkington
Diversity and Inclusion Officer

I have long been interested in social justice issues. My second year report card read, ‘Lynn has a strong sense of right and wrong’, and I have always been keen to pursue a career in equality issues. That said, I have covered a variety of subjects through further and higher education – Law, Visual Communication, Film and TV Production, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology… I am now studying an open pathway at Open University, which allows me to build up credits in a variety of subjects towards a BA (hons).
In my current role at the City of Glasgow College, I support a Student Gender Action Plan, which tackles gender stereotyping and looks at addressing barriers to further education. My passion for fairness, opportunity and respect, our ED&I motto at the college, does not stop out with working hours, though! I am always reading about issues around making the learner and employee experience more inclusive, and I have a particular passion for disability and gender issues.
My career journey thus far has been rather colourful and I am a big supporter of the recent campaign by DYW #nowrongpath. I took time out from university and trained as a Citizens Advice Bureau Advisor. I completed an SCVO placement there, then completed an engagement pilot project with the National Union of Students. I went on to coordinate 60+ student societies at Glasgow Caledonian University, which led me to COGC (I also completed a fashion internship, an artist mentoring programme and published a poetry collection!) At every point in my life, I have always had a thirst for learning, through courses, reading and from other people. I hope that I have always brought fun and creativity to all my roles – and will continue to do so.