STEM School of the Month - Mar '18

Congratulations to Langside Primary who are STEM school of the month for March!

Langside Primary have their very own STEM and design club running at Friday lunch times. This is an opportunity for upper school students to think critically, use design skills and work as a team to solve problems presented to them. So far they have explored buoyancy by building tin foil boats to support weight; designed and created tables and towers; and last week they explored friction and balance to create a carriage to safely transport a Lego man down a zip wire. Plenty more to come!

The Primary Engineering Leaders Award 2018 is also in full swing at Langside Primary School.  For the first time, every class in the school are answering the question 'If you were an engineer in Scotland what would you do?' They have had engineers from different disciplines visiting all classes to inspire them and give feedback on the amazing ideas they are coming up with. Watch this space.

A group of very excited P7 children met to choose their Jacobs Engineering Challenge 2018  this week. There was a lot of debate and persuasive techniques being put into practise but they are now ready and eager to begin. Looking forward to keeping you up to date on their progress.