STEM School of the Month - Dec '18

Congratulations to St. Marnock's Primary who are STEM School of the Month for December.

Classes across the school have been building STEM into their day to day activities. This has included P3/2 create weather vanes for their weather topic. P4 and P5 have also gone head to head in a number of STEM challenges including creating paper chains and paper towers.

The school have also been taking part in the Polar Explorer programme which is linked to Polar research vessel the R.S.S Sir David Attenborough and its explorer vessel Boaty McBoatface. Pupils have conducted a number of experiments similar to the real research team including investigating at the impact of acid levels in the oceans on sea life. Pupils placed shells in vinegar and then monitored the effects.

St Marnock's also borrowed a Robox 3D Printer from TSS. Pupils from P1 through to P7 were using TinkerCAD to design and model toys and Christmas decorations which were then printed for them to take home. P7/6 even used their new CAD skills in their WW2 topic to design air raid shelters.

They also launched a blog written by the schools Digital Leaders team which will keep everyone up to date with all things digital at St Marnock's 

Well done