Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry - Online Support
In light of the challenging circumstances teachers are facing, the Royal Society of Chemistry have decided to make all online PD/PL courses free to access until the end of August.

What this means

  1. All 6 paid courses can be accessed for free immediately.
  2. Teachers should use the code RSCFREEPD at the checkout to subscribe for 12 months for free.
  3. All 3 free underpinning skills courses will remain free to access.
  4. Notices about this discount have already gone onto each course landing page.
  5. Notices about this discount will be going onto a number of other key pages over the coming days.
  6. The online courses will be featured on our Remote teaching support page - change coming in the next few days.
  7. Marketing will be supporting this change - Messaging and future promotion will be updated accordingly.