Glasgow Challenges Climate

29 Jan

Glasgow Challenges Climate

29th January 2020

Broomhill Primary

4pm - 5:30pm

ID: 69127

Ref : STEM46T

STEM Glasgow are once again running their annual sustainable engineering challenge for Glasgow’s P6 – S2 pupils. Pupils will have 10 weeks to choose their project, work with industry partners and find a solution before being invited to a showcase event in May 2020 at the Riverside Museum where they will share their project with other schools and a panel of judges.

There are 2 elements to the launch of the project;

1.Teacher Twilight at Broomhill Primary

2.Pupil Launch Event at the GFT


Participating schools should ensure a member of staff is available to attend the teacher twilight on the 29th of January from 4pm – 5pm at Broomhill Primary. At this session teachers will be introduced to the projects, hear from industry partners and schools that have previously taken part in the challenge and receive the link to the resource pack.

There will also be a funded pupil launch event at the GFT on the 4th of February. Pupils will have the opportunity to watch a sustainability themed STEM film (2040 or The Martian) before being introduced to the ‘Glasgow Challenges Climate’ project. Details of the films for both primary and secondary can be found below. To book your place please do so by return with number of children and adults attending. To book follow the GFT links to the films below and when asked for your name include the quote ‘Glasgow Challenges Climate’. Transport should be organised by each establishment.

To confirm your attendance at the teacher twilight please sign up on CPD Manger  ID: 69127   Ref: STEM46T     

Kind regards,

STEM Glasgow


Pupil Launch Details at the GFT


  •        Venue: GFT
  •        Film: 2040 (PG)
  •        Date: 04/02/20
  •        Time: 13.30

This film will be accompanied by an introduction from STEM Education Officer, Alex McLaughlin and be supported with additional classroom resources.

Where will the planet be in 2040? And what actions can we take now to ensure we all live in a sustainable way by then? These are the questions that documentary 2040 sets out to answer, looking for practical solutions to climate change problems.

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  •        Venue: GFT
  •        Film: The Martian (12A)
  •        Date: 04/02/20
  •        Time: 10.00

This film will have an introduction from STEM Education Officer, Hannah Christie as well as accompanying classroom resources. 

Hailed as one of the most scientifically accurate space travel movies made The Martian explores how marooned astronaut and botanist, Mark Watney, survives on the inhospitable planet Mars.

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