Unconscious Bias and Gender Balance

29 May - 12 Jun

These sessions are designed to provide an introduction to the theory of unconscious bias and to challenge thinking and practise. We will look at how biases form and their effects on our own behaviours, on pupils and on the learning environment. There will be chance for people to reflect on their own practice and to take activities and discussions back into their own schools. These sessions are applicable to people in early learning, primary or secondary settings. Both sessions must be attended.     

Session 1 – Unconscious bias and gender stereotypes: What is the problem?

This session provides the groundwork into recognising and challenging our own biases and those of others. We will look into the science of biases, how they form and the reasons we should be looking to challenge them. We will provide some activities to try yourself and with your colleagues in school.

Session 2 – Bias and stereotypes in the classroom

We will start with an opportunity to share the effect of the activities you have tried so far. Following that this session will look at some the ways we can tackle biases. We will look at use of language, easy inclusive teaching tips as well as activities for the classroom, and the whole school environment.

*Both sessions should be attended

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